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Crazy Time Stats – Why tracking results history won’t work – And what you should do instead

crazy time stats

Crazy Time is an Evolution live game show that’s the most popular live game show available today. Many players use Crazy Time stats analysis tools, such as results trackers, to help their game.

Players look at aggregated results of previous spins to see the game statistics to work out the next result probabilities. Using the number of spins elapsed since the last occurrence of a particular outcome is a popular method used. There’s also a chronological list of previous spin results, with the newest one on top. Based on all that data, a player will try to make an educated guess on the best time to place a bet.

I will explain why that approach wonR17;t work on this page and what you should do instead.


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Casino Stats Tracker for Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game that’s streamed from a central location. Regardless of the online casino, they’re accessing the game through, all players take part in the same game. All of their fortunes are dependent on the same spin of the wheel.

If you play the game through LeoVegas, Mr. Green or PlayOJO, your experience with Crazy Time will be the same. You’ll see the same results history, so in a sense, you already have a stats tracker built into the game.

Within the playing interface, you217;ll see the results of the previous 21 spins of the wheel. This gives you a general idea of the latest results, especially if you’ve been playing the game. This effectively makes an additional stats tracker redundant.

Why do players look at previous Crazy Time results

There’s a belief familiar to many gamblers that if a specific outcome hasn’t happened in a while, it will happen soon. Or the event is more likely to occur than an outcome that has happened recently.

For example, if Crazy Time bonus rounds are expected to be triggered once every six games but haven’t come up for 15 spins, you might believe a bonus round is ‘due’.

This belief has a name: the Gambler’s Fallacy or the Fallacy of the maturity of chances.

This is the basis behind every results tracker, regardless of the game. They aim to help the player place their bet on an outcome that is more likely to occur based on what has happened in the past.

In reality, the money wheel has no memory of previous results. The impact of each new spin will be independent of all previous ones.

The law of large numbers says the results will even out over time, which they will, but it’s still wrong to assume that any correction is due to happen on one of the following spins. It might as well be 150 spins from now; the Crazy Time Bonus Round will get triggered twice in a row.

Math, statistics and probability all work. But it’s drawing the wrong conclusion that creates problems.

What the tracked results history looks like

crazy time stats

As you can see in the screenshot above (taken from tracksino.com), it’s been a while since Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time bonus rounds were triggered.  Coin Flip was the one bonus among them that was triggered recently.

This, to many players, would indicate that now is the right time to place a bet since bonus rounds are expected to be triggered on every 6th spin or so. It would appear that Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time are more likely to be the next bonus round than Coin Flip.

This isn’t true – in fact, on the next spin, or any spin for that matter, the four bonus rounds will have precisely this chance of getting triggered:

  • Coin Flip: 4 / 54 = 7.40% or once every 13-14 spins
  • Cash Hunt: 2 / 54 = 3.70% or once every 27 spins
  • Pachinko: 2 / 54 = 3.70% or once every 27 spins
  • Crazy Time: 1 / 54 = 1.85% or once every 54 spins

These probabilities aren’t influenced by previous spin results or the time that elapsed since the last occurrence of the result.

These probabilities will be the same in the spin after Crazy Time was triggered and will be the same if Crazy Time hasn’t been triggered in the last 1000 spins.

What are stats trackers good for

Crazy Time stats trackers do have a purpose that players can benefit from.  You can get a feeling for how the game is playing by looking at the history of the results. They generally bear out the game statistics over the long term, but in the shorter term they can be quite different.

In the screenshot above, you can, for example, see what the average win of each of the four bonus rounds was, so you’ll better know what to expect while playing Crazy Time.

Coin Flip pays the least and is the most frequent bonus round triggered, while Crazy Time is the most rewarding bonus round that’s triggered least frequently. Cash Hunt and Pachinko should be about the same.

This is all valuable information – but don’t use it to predict the next spin’s outcome.

Crazy Time Trackers

There are several Crazy Time stats trackers in the market, and they all do the same thing, displaying some or all of the following data points.

  • spin history
  • latest top multipliers
  • biggest wins
  • how many consecutive spins the result hasn’t occurred
  • how often has the result occurred in the last 24h
  • comparison between the theoretical and actual occurrence frequency
  • historical list of last results of each bonus round win
  • average win for each bonus round
  • historical list of biggest wins

As I said earlier, this data is helpful if you want to see how the game of Crazy Time plays out.  It could be detrimental to your betting if you use the statistics to try and predict the next spin. There is no way to have any result ‘due’.

What is the right way to play Crazy Time?

If you’re looking for something to enhance your game and move away from randomly placing bets on a money wheel, I have a Crazy Time Strategy. It has been proven to be more successful than playing without one – and more successful than relying on stats trackers.

The game of Crazy Time has its own rules, and any good strategy will rely on having an active bet on a bonus round when triggered, especially if it’s the Crazy Time bonus round.

Historical stats trackers may do the opposite and have you miss out on a bonus round because it ‘wasn’t the right time to bet on it’.

My strategy does make sense, so check out that link.